The Pachyderm Brand™ and Rechargable Portable Phone/Tablet/eReader Chargers

Why We Do What We Do

Here at The Pachyderm Brand™ store we have three priorities:

1) Encourage and help facilitate travel and exploration (locally, regionally and globally), while

2) providing safe and sensible resources to those who endeavor to travel and explore, and

3) Offer products that can ultimately reduce stress and increase peace of mind.

Further, we at TPB™ are well acquainted with the stress that comes from not being able to "plug in" when you need to, thus our first product launch being the one item that could have saved us hours upon hours of stress on international flights and layovers, in scary parking lots or snowy mountain passes, late at night, with dead car batteries or other car troubles (sadly, the Pachyderm POWER 10,000mAh Portable Charger will only charge your mobile devices, not your car battery). For now, we're all about streamlining your life as it applies to your mobile devices.

Our Specialty

The Pachyderm Brand™ currently specializes in one product: the Pachyderm POWER™ 10,000mAh "power bank."  Power banks come in many shapes and sizes and can be identified by many names: "Portable phone charger," "cell phone charger," "portable battery pack," "portable tablet recharger," "USB power bank," and "external battery pack" are just a few of the aliases these babies are known by.  No matter what you choose to call them, power banks/chargers/battery packs are incredibly useful and come highly recommended a major stress reliever, especially if you:

  • have your cell phone on you at all times (and actually tend to use it a lot).
  • keep an emergency kit in your home or vehicle.
  • allow your kids to use tablets and e-readers for educational purposes.
  • allow your kids to use tablets and e-readers to keep you from pulling your hair out.
  • are yourself an avid tablet or e-reader user.
  • like the idea of being able to charge two devices at once (the Pachyderm POWER™ has dual USB charging ports!)
  • work independent of your home or office and often need to find a place to "plug-in."
  • are on-the-go a lot.
  • travel for business or pleasure.
  • like techy gadgets.
  • despise the process of finding an outlet at the airport.
  • use any number of portable AC-rechargable devices like small cameras, some GPSs, even portable yarn spinning wheels.
  • have an increasingly independent tween or teen who is awesome (not-so) about giving you the excuse, "sorry I couldn't call, my phone battery died."
  • like to work and/or peruse the internet at coffee shops and find that you never have quite enough outlets near by to keep all your devices powered up and at the ready.

Please take a few moments to peruse the site. We sure hope you like what you see! Contact us if you have questions or suggestions, and trust your gut when it tells you that the team here at The Pachyderm Brand™ is heavy into customer service and would love the opportunity to talk to you about our product.