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Our Top Pick for Noise Cancelling Headphones November 20, 2015 03:26

Bose is Where it's At...Or Is It?

Hands down, when I travel, I (and everyone at The Pachyderm Brand agrees) that Bose is the way to go for noise cancelling magic.

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However, we also know that it's human tendency to stop searching once you're (even just mostly) satisfied. And so, dear Pachyderm community, I have to ask: Do you have a kick-ass noise cancelling headphone favorite that is not Bose?  Have you found another product that makes you feel like you've found your Zen the moment you flip the noise cancelling switch?  Are you some other brand's raving fan? Please, do tell*.

*Comment with "I love (Name your favorite noise cancelling headphones)" on our Facebook Page so we know your thoughts on this important travel and business accessory dilemma and we'll enter you into our 10,000mAh power bank giveaway happening now! 


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Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones - Apple devices, Black - Wired

We Have a Great November Giveaway Happening Now! November 14, 2015 13:22

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10 Less Common Uses for Your USB External Battery Power Bank November 03, 2015 17:08 1 Comment

At this point most of us are familiar with the top two uses for a USB External Battery: To charge cell phones and iPads, right?

Well, here are some lesser known tools and gadgets you can charge with your portable power bank:

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1. Headlamps


(you know, those sweet little jobbies with the elastic strap that fits conveniently around your head?). While not all headlamps come equipped with a micro USB port or rechargeable lithium ion batteries, everyday we see more of these coming on the market.  I don't know about you, but I'm stoked about this development as, I swear, every time my headlamp batteries die it takes me months to get to the store to get replacement AAAs. I am happy to find a headlamp that I can recharge with my portable phone charger. This. Is. Awesome.

Check back at for more on rechargeable headlamps and other awesome outdoor gear in the coming months (ahem...hint, hint.)

2. Bicycle Head and Taillights


And now you'll never have to worry again about the fact that you've left your bike light on 24/7 for 5 days straight!

3. Small GPS Devices


GPS for cars, bikes and geocaching. Sweet.

4. Go Pro Batteries


An on-the-go charging station is a must-have if you're a frequent GoPro user. Nothing (seriously, nothing) sucks more than losing camera power when you're para gliding over a pod of Northwest Resident Orcas or bungee jumping off one of the worlds highest rope bridges in the far corners of South America.  Do not let this happen to you!

5. Rechargeable AA and AAA Batteries with Charging Station


No more dead accessories because you can't be bothered making the trip to the store for those AA and AAA batteries.

6. Desktop Fans


These USB Rechargeable fans are not just spectacularly useful if you work in a stuffy cubicle, but they will rock your next summertime tent-adventure when you plug one into your portable external battery pack/power bank and let the fresh air flow through your tent or camper while you sleep peacefully through the dead-calm night.

7. Leap Pen by Leapfrog™


My kids love their leap pen.  Best screen-time alternative ever...dead Leap Pen battery on a long roadtrip: not so spectacular.  We were super excited to find we could plug the Leap Pen right into our Pachyderm POWER bank and it charges quickly. No more kids on the brink of despair.

8. Your Bluetooth Headset


Wireless options do not get much better than headsets and headphones, but it's pretty common to get stuck with a dead battery at all the wrong times.  Now, knowing that you can quickly and easily recharge your headset with a power bank--even while you're using your headset/headphones for business calls, while running or when on an important call in your car--well, the pain is gone.  The potential pain is gone.  I am happy to leave the long, annoying wires behind.

10. Drones.  Yes Drones. 

Probably not some of the higher end super-charged ones, but if it has a USB cable to use for recharging, it can generally be re-powered by a power bank.


Get those aerial photos of your childhood home, then recharge and fly around the neighborhood before you call it a day. 


One Perfect Reason to Own a Portable Charger October 14, 2015 17:49

If you are a GoPro fan and you don't own a portable charger, you're seriously limiting your potential, dude! You can be that one awesome adventurer who saves everyone else from epic failure when you pull out your 10,000mAh charger to fix those dying GoPro batteries. 

The Pachyderm Brand Store

Get charged, get back on your paraglider and show the world how bad ass you truly are! (No batteries = no proof!).

6 Great Reasons to Own a Portable Charger August 12, 2015 17:05


Being conjoined to some form of modern technology is a reality for the vast majority of us, but our indispensable phones, iPads and eReaders can't serve their purposes if their batteries are constantly running dry and our only options are sprinting home to plug-in or sitting in a car for an hour while the car charger, veeeerry slooooowly provides just enough juice to get buy.  Modern technology is intended to simplify and increase productivity, but without battery power we're stuck with lifeless, meaningless, useless baggage, and who wants extra baggage, right?

I have found that a power bank like the Pachyderm POWER™ 10,000mAh portable phone charger (replace "phone" with iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle, eReader, Tablet, Android and any other number of device options and it still works) is now an indispensable tool that I keep with me at all times.  Having an external battery pack has made my life easier.  Period.

Here are 6 (of many, many) reasons I think everyone should own a portable device charger like the Pachyderm POWER™:

REASON 1: Convenience

When you have a power bank on hand you can re-charge your devices anytime and wherever you are. It's an easy fit in your handbag, carry-on, diaper bag, briefcase, backpack, vehicle glove compartment, home emergency kit, stroller console, and yes, even in your back pocket if it's ultra-thin like the Pachyderm version.


REASON 2: Accessibility

Remote mountain tops, pristine Sri Lankan beaches, barely accessible villages at the edges of civilization, rugged forested hiking trails, and looooong theme park queues (leading to epic rides) are some of the few places left on earth with no hard-wired power source, and their probably the last places you ever want to get stuck with no battery and thus no ability to capture your once in a lifetime memories on "film." A strong power bank (10,000mAh or greater) frees you up to recharge over and over, in the moment, and never miss a beat.  Crisis averted.  Memories contained.

REASON 3: The Memories Matter

Family theme park adventures. Need I say it again? Having a portable phone and iPad charging device such as the Pachyderm POWER™ means never dealing with the previously inevitable "Oh $*#! I forgot to charge my phone back in the hotel room!" You just reach into your bag or stroller cup holder, grab your power bank and power cord of choice, plug in and keep on snapping.  Your daughter and Mickey's first rendezvous is you just have to find time to scrapbook the memory, right?


REASON 4: Power Banks Get Used All the Time

Your travel companions will thank you.  I'd be a wealthy woman if I had a dime for the number of emails I've received email telling me things like, "I just wanted to tell you how much we love our charger. There are 10 of us on vacation. 4 kids and everyone has cell phones. It has saved the day on many occasions." People who don't own a dual-USB portable phone charger LOVE people who do own them.  You'll be the star of the show when you notice your friend panicking as his tablet battery dies and you rush in with a quick and simple solution, offering him port B because port A is already in use by yours truly. 

REASON 5: We Regret Missed Opportunities to Connect

Never miss a Skype, Face Time or Google Hangout with friends or loved ones.  Military spouses and business travelers are all too familiar with important, virtually face-to-face conversations cut short by rapidly depleted iPad and phone batteries.  With a power bank like the Pachyderm POWER™ 10,000mAh portable charging device, you can hit the coffee shop, lounge in the front yard where your reception is best, or kick it at the playground with your littles with full confidence that the loved one on the other end will be able to see you, hear you, and experience the whole thing with you (unless of course their battery dies, in which case you'll have a great solution to offer the next time you talk to them).

REASON 6: It Puts a Parent's Mind at Ease

You get to stop worrying about your newly licensed teen (well, at least you get to worry less) and/or increasingly independent tween.  When they depart on their adventures, you send the Pachyderm power pack with them and rest a little easier knowing that they will be able to call you if they get stranded or run into trouble, even if they forgot to charge their phones before they left the house.

I'll leave you with this: I would say that approximately 90% percent of the customers I work with who have the Pachyderm POWER portable charger have told me, "I'm not even sure how I managed before I had this.  I use it all the time." And, another 50-70% of them end up purchasing additional units for their friends and family. Just sayin', it might be something you want to consider.

    Power Bank and mAh: Explaining the Vague and Defining the Nebulous March 19, 2015 20:12

    I have to be honest--and this is coming from the owner of The Pachyderm Brand™ and a die hard "power bank" convert--I didn't even know what a power bank was until my business partner (ahem, my husband) and I started honing our market research to determine what our first product launch was going to be.  I suppose if someone had asked me, I would have logically assumed that a portable mobile device charger existed, but I couldn't have known that the market was actually flooded with the damn things nor that my life would have changed for the better ages ago had I known to purchase one. 

    Knowing that I, although not necessarily a self-identifying "techy," am pretty technologically forward thinking, but that I was unfamiliar with power bank form and function, I suppose it's fair to assume that there are still tech-interested people out there who are unfamiliar with this technology and who would be helped along with a bit of basic information. 

    What is a Power Bank?

    "Power bank" is a generic term used to describe a (usually) small, pre-charged portable device used to charge mobile phones, iPads and other tablets, eReaders such as the Kindle Fire and other name and off-brand versions, mp3 players (iPods, for instance), and other small portable pieces of technology that we keep on our persons or nearby to make our lives simpler (or at least to enhance convenience). In layman's terms, a power bank is a battery used to recharge other batteries.  Sound redundant? Try this comparison: Just as that work-site water cooler fills the smaller water bottle you keep on your desk, so does the power bank you keep in your purse or backpack re-fuel the cell phone you have on your person at all times.  Or, how 'bout this larger-scale example: As a military tanker fuels another aircraft in flight in order to ensure said smaller aircraft can continue to do it's job when needed* most, so does a power bank provide on-demand extended life to a waning cell phone or other mobile device battery when life's demands require one to have phone, internet, or on-the-go e-novel access.

    How Do You Charge a Power Bank?

    Power banks are generally charged via micro-USB cable connection to a wall outlet (AC/USB) or computer port (I personally prefer the former as I find that I get a much stronger and quicker charge for my Pachyderm POWER™ 10,000mAh power bank when I plug it into a wall outlet).

    What Does mAh Mean?

    In short, the higher the mAh, the longer your battery is going to keep discharging energy for you.  So, the larger the mAh rating, the longer the battery life. And so, a fully charged 10,000mAh battery such as the Pachyderm POWER™ is going to work approximately twice as long as a 5,000mAh Battery and four times as long as a 1,500mAh version.

    For a more technical description of mAh, I recommend visiting the Wikipedia page or

    What Is the Right Amount of Power for Me?

    The answer here has much to do with your lifestyle and level of activity. 

    If you're a homebody and nearly always near an outlet, then you might need a lower mAh rated power bank for shorter trips outside the home or sunny afternoons spent lounging in your back yard.  Perhaps a 1,500-3,000mAh power bank is the right choice for you. You will experience the grand convenience of no longer being tethered to your wall, but will be required to plug your power bank in once your cell phone or e-reader has been juiced up once or perhaps a little more.

    The more you are on the go and the more mobile devices you are juggling on an hourly basis, the higher mAh you will require.  Case in point: in my household of four members, we are guilty of everyday use of four cell phones (two assigned by our employers, and two personal), two iPads (have you ever tried to give one child iPad screen time but not the other? Not an option in our house, thus one iPad per child), and one old school Kindle e-reader. We own four (4) 10,000mAh Pachyderm POWER™ portable chargers, and keep them on constant rotation at the wall charger.  I would say that most days we discharge approximately 3/4 to one entire power bank. But that is when we are home-based here in Washington State.  Of course, our usage increases significantly when we are traveling, making ownership of a stack of power banks a beautiful thing when we are on the road or jetting overseas.

    What Else Should I Look for in a Power Bank Before I Purchase?

    We've talked function, so now let's talk form.  Seriously, there are probably 10-100 fashionable choices for every taste and lifestyle.  Are you a minimalist and looking for the most streamlined body style?  There's a list for you (consider using these search terms: ultra-slim, ultra-thin, streamlined, simple, basic, small, "your shape of choice" (square, rectangular, round, cube, etc.), minimalist power bank). Are you into high fashion and manage a high-profile lifestyle? You've got a list too (here's your suggested search terms: colorful, fun, new, personalized).  You see where I'm going with this, right?  Pick a few details that are important to you or reflective of your lifestyle and start your hunt. 

    Price Matters

    The bottom line with any power bank is that you pretty much get what you pay for. Sure, you can buy a $3 power bank in the dollar bins at Target, but you won't get much of a charge out of it, and you'll be replacing those AA batteries by the second.  Generally, the higher the mAh you're looking at, the more you're going to pay, or at least that's how it should be.

    Don't Forget to Consider Quality

    When we were testing products prior to settling on the product we chose to manufacture, we came to learn that no matter how similar two products appear, they can have stark differences that can make or break (literally) user experience.  I recommend looking very closely at the buttons, bells and whistles on the power bank you are considering for purchase.  If that looks like a teensy little cheap button that might break under the pressure of your super humanly strong 5-year-old's fingers, then you're probably right on (trust that parent gut!).  If the led flashlight bulb looks lopsided or protrudes too far, then you may be dealing with structural weakness or pieces that will be easily crushed in your purse or briefcase.  I promise you, doing your homework on these little details will absolutely pay off in the end. When we chose our product, we went for a stronger, barely larger, metal button that turns the device on and off, and boy were we happy.  A few weeks after getting our own order into the marketplace, one of the samples we'd purchased (one with a smaller, black plastic power button) ended up with a button that was literally pushed right into the battery casing, leaving it incredibly difficult to use for the rest of it's miserable little life. Thankfully, all of our Pachyderm POWER units have not suffered the same fate, nor have we heard of any issues from our customers. Yep, do your homework, or choose to order from a company who appears to do theirs. If you have any doubts, call the company and ask for specific information on ratings, materials and returns.

    Doomsday Preppers and Emergency Preparedness Gurus Take Note

    If you intend on keeping a power bank in your home or vehicle emergency kit as some of The Pachyderm Brand customers do, then make sure you purchase a unit that holds a charge for as many months as possible, and remember to pull it from the kit to plug in periodically. Case-in-point: the Pachyderm POWER™ 10,000mAh power bank/portable charger holds its charge for 4-6 months.  We advise discharging and then recharging it approximately every four months to ensure it is prime condition when the big storm hits.

    Best of luck to you in your journey to finding the right power bank option for you!