Validation and Testimonials

Pachyderm has a great product and world class customer service.  When the shipper had trouble delivering my Pachyderm Power Pack to Singapore, the Pachyderm team was ready to go to the ends of the earth - literally! - to fill my order.  Now I'm on a beach in Sri Lanka streaming audio books with no worries about power thanks to Pachyderm!
--Greg F, Singapore


"I am super happy with my Pachyderm POWER 10,000mAh Travel Battery/Power Bank! 1) It charges my iPhone 6 way faster than I'd hoped for (and arrived at my house charged and ready to go). 2) The customer service with this company has been fantastic. They have been on top of communications from the beginning and I can tell that if I have any issues, any at all, they'll be receptive and helpful. 3) I noticed when I was comparing products that there are others that look a lot like this, but that the power buttons differ a little. Others looked like they were smaller and plastic and potentially fragile. The button on this product is bigger and seems to be made of metal, looks and feel to be sturdy and able to hold up.  It is a very handsome piece of equipment! 4) I can easily fit this power bank in my pocket and charge on the go, which is awesome. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE and will consider purchasing others as gifts for my friends and family."

--Travis P., Tacoma, WA


"We are moving to an island on the US/Canada border, where our phones roam indiscriminately back and forth across borders, working their hearts out (and their batteries down!) as they try to pick up signals. We lose battery power at least twice as fast as in more urban locales. We're often away from any power source for charging, and our new Pachyderm POWER 10,000 power bank is the perfect answer. I can be in the back woods for hours and no longer fear losing access to the rest of humanity. The bright gold color keeps it from getting lost in dark corners, and I love the satisfying heft of the surprisingly compact, smooth aluminum-cased power bank. Just what we needed! (although, as there are two of us, we'll probably need another)"

Calin T., Seattle-enroute-to-Orcas, WA

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